Adnimation Ad Network- Now Monetize Your Website by Using Animated Ads

Everybody wants to make money from their blog so they post Ads on their blog. However, that’s not enough for making Money. In order to make decent money through Ads, you need clicks on them from your visitors. Some bloggers are getting lots of clicks on Ads as well but still they are not making huge money due to low CPC rate. In my last post, I have already explained the Easiest Method to increase your CPC.

When we talk about Online Money Making, it’s difficult to ignore Google Adsense because it is undoubtedly the best Ad Network in this world. However, it’s not an easy task for everyone to get the approval of Google Adsense. This is probably the reason why, they try Google Adsense Alternatives like, Infolinks, Chitika etc which are only worthy for sites or blogs which has good traffic. If your traffic is low, You won’t be able to earn much with Adsense alternatives because their rates are lesser than Adsense. In this case, you may ask –“Adsense is not approving my account. You are suggesting me not to use the alternatives then what should I do then? “ .

Try new kind of Ad networks. Everyone wants freshness and uniqueness. 2-3 years ago, the majority of quality bloggers were able to make huge amount of money through Ad networks like Google Adsense only because those kinds of Ads were new to visitors. Now, they detect them easily. This is the reason why, click-through rates are decreasing with time. Ad networks understand this fact so they are trying to create some new kind of Ads. Video and Animated Ad is an example. In this post, I will provide information about a New Ad network called Adnimation which allows you to post Animated Ads on your blog and website. Animated Ads are somewhat unique as compared to texts and image Ads so you can earn more through these Ads. I believe, the click-through rates of Animated will be higher as well.

Adnimation Ad Network – an Introduction

Adnimation Ad Network is a new network which allows you to display Animated Ads on your Blog or Website. You can easily guess the same through it’s name as well. The main focus of company is on Animation but it’s not like normal animated Ads. Instead, it layers animations on top of banners.

For example, you are the CEO of a computer company and you want to advertise your company through your Banner. In this case, Adnimation will first of all show animated character related to computer which will draw the attention of users. Once done, it will show them the actual banner. It’s a nice approach which increases the click through rate.

An interesting part about Adnimation for advertisers is that, Animations are created by Adnimation team for free. It means, If you are an advertiser, they just need banner from you. Isn’t that interesting?

How Adnimation Ads can do a Magic for you?

  1. These days, Visitors are not showing much interest in Banner and Text Ads so animation can draw their attention which can increase your chances of earning more.
  2. Big or Small, all publishers wants to keep a balance between their content and advertising space. Due to this reason, they can’t add more banners. Adnimation doesn’t create such issue as its Ads doesn’t take any space on your actual webpage.
  3. So many publishers are using Pop-up ads on their blogs and websites to draw the attention of visitors.This kind of ads interrupts their attension. In many cases, they never return to those sites. Adnimation Ads doesn’t create such an issue.
  4. Adnimation Ads has the potential to get high click through rate which is awesome. It means, you can earn more without disturbing your visitors.

Who can Join Adnimation Ad Network as a Publisher?

There is no any major restriction related to traffic from Adnimation Ad network which means all kind of Publishers can join Adnimation Ad network. However some minor restrictions are there such as:

  • Your site or blog shouldn’t contain any pornographic, gambling or hate related content.
  • Website or blog must have Human traffic rather than Robotic traffic. etc

How to Join Adnimation as a Publisher?

  • First of all visit the official site of Adnimation.
  • You will see the below given Image. Just click on “Publishers” Option in Menu.
  • After clicking on the “Publisher” link as shown in above image, You will be redirected to another page. There, click on “Join”
  • Now you will get a Sign Up form. Simply fill the form and enter the sign me up button. Below screen shows the signup form.
  • Once done, Wait for the Approval EMail. Sometime it takes time so be patient. In my case, it took around 2 days.

How to Add adnimation powered animated Ads on your blog or website?

The method of using Ads is almost same i.e copy-pasting of javascript code from ad network site to your own site. The whole process is listed below:

  • Once approved as a publisher, Log into your publisher account by visiting
  • In Publisher’s Dashboard, click on “Code Generator” Option. Below given image shows the same
  • Now you will be redirected to another page. In this page, choose the language of your Blog or website and categories related to your niche or blog. Using this selection, Adnimation will display ads on your blog or website. See the below given image for clarification
  • After finishing the selection of categories, you will see the Ad code on right hand side in the same window. Copy the code which appears in the first box. You can use this code for displaying the animated ads on your blog or website.
  • If you are a blogger user, you can use the copied code in “Add gadget>>html/javascript”  box.
  • WordPress users can use this codes in “Text/Html” widgets by navigating to Appearance>>Widgets>>Text/html widget

From the Editor’s Desk

The factor which is considered most while judging any Ad network is its CPC rate and the way+Period of Payment. I have just implemented the codes of Adnimation on this blog so can’t say much about these things but I am expecting better result from this Ad network. Let’s see, what happens. I will share its review after trying for at least 30 to 45 days on this blog.
Meanwhile, you can also try the Ads of this network on your blog. If you have already tried it, share your experience with me and others by Posting a comment.

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