Exploring the Exotic East of Estonia

Discover Estonia’s Exotic East Region

Estonia is not ⁣only a country that offers the beauty of the Baltic⁢ Sea and wild forests full of flora​ and fauna, but also‌ offers⁣ Eastern culture that immerses travellers in a totally unique atmosphere. Tallinn, the‌ country’s​ capital, ‌and the east ⁤coast are home to⁣ many local spots that offer a glimpse into ‍Estonian life. Here’s a primer on what to see‍ and do as you explore the exotic ⁢East of Estonia.

Travel to ⁤the Historical City of Narva

Located on the ⁣Russian-Estonian border, the city ‍of Narva is home to the massive Narva Castle.‍ Here you⁣ can ​take⁤ in stunning views of the river,‍ visit ⁢the castle’s ⁣museum, and explore the ancient dungeons and other remains. Narva is also home to the Hermann Castle, originally‍ built in the 13th century by the⁤ Danes. Today, the old ​city walls ⁢stand⁢ as a ⁢reminder of a bygone era, and you can ⁤take a stroll through the​ cobbled streets and explore the many historic monuments.

The Resorts of Ida-Virumaa

Ida-Virumaa is the home of some​ of the most beautiful ‍and luxurious resorts in Europe. Take your pick from the unique spa resorts, offering spa treatments and ‌saunas, or spend the day in the sun-drenched beaches of the Baltic Sea. You can ⁢also experience the breathtaking​ landscape of⁤ the northern part of Estonia, where‌ lush meadows, dense ‍woods and crystalline rivers‌ make a memorable vista. Afterward, enjoy‌ a‍ leisurely lunch at one of the local restaurants while⁣ taking ⁢in the views ‍of the countryside.

The Lake Peipsi’s Scenic Splendour

The Lake Peipsi with its turquoise waters stretching between‌ Russia and Estonia is⁢ a sight to behold. Experience the scenic beauty of this picturesque lake on a boat ride, or set up⁣ camp for a few days and take a ‌dip in its warm and inviting waters. Don’t forget to take a stroll around the nearby⁢ beaches,⁣ where you can cool off after a long day’s hike ⁢or an intense⁤ fishing session.

The Excitement of Mustve

Mustve is a town with rural charm and loads of exciting activities. Visit ‌the cozy restaurants where you can savour the delicious ‌ local cuisine, or explore the World War II remains and ancient locations like the Mustve Tower, which can offer you some insight into the colourful past of this region. The nearby town ⁤of Koluvere also houses the⁤ ruins ​of ⁢Olustvere castle, so be sure to ⁣take some time to appreciate the‍ architecture of the 16th century.

Experience Estonia’s Exotic East

Don’t miss out on ‌the⁤ opportunity to explore the Eastern part of Estonia, where you⁤ can immerse yourself⁢ in the history, culture and exceptional beauty of this country. Spend⁢ time visiting the old towns, savoring the local cuisine, and don’t forget to take some ⁣time to enjoy the breathtaking landscape‌ that Estonia has to offer. Explore the exotic east of Estonia to experience an⁢ unforgettable adventure!

Enjoy⁣ a Pulse-Pounding Adventure in Viru-Jaagupi

Viru-Jaagupi is renowned for ‌its exciting adventure activities such as canyoneering, ⁣horseback riding‍ and mountain biking. Enjoy the unique landscape and ‌challenge yourself on an extreme trail or take a⁣ break and savour the stunning natural beauty of the region. With its endless opportunities for adventure, Viru-Jaagupi is the perfect destination for⁢ thrill-seekers and nature-lovers ⁤alike. So pack your bags and get ready to be captivated by the alluring beauty of ‍this region.

What are the main attractions in ‌Estonia’s Eastern region?

The Eastern region of Estonia (Ida-Eesti) is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, and it is‍ home to a number of impressive⁢ historic⁢ and natural attractions. Whether you’re a⁣ nature-lover looking for outdoor opportunities, a history buff on the hunt for old castles and ruins, or just a tourist in need of Instagram-worthy ‍sights, you won’t be disappointed in the Eastern region ​of Estonia.

Alatskivi Castle

One of the most impressive and well-preserved castles in​ Estonia‌ is the Alatskivi Castle. Built in the 18th century, this Baroque​ castle is surrounded⁢ by a beautiful⁣ park and a lake. ​The castle ⁣is open ⁣to visitors and there are several guided tours available. In addition, visitors can explore the park grounds, go boating on the⁣ lake, and take part​ in a number of fun summer activities.

Lahemaa National Park

If you’re looking for a bit of outdoor adventure, Lahemaa National Park ⁤is a great place to start. This vast park​ is home to a⁢ number of​ beautiful forests and beaches, as well​ as‍ a number of bogs and lakes. It is ‍definitely worth the trip, ​and visitors can take part in various activities such as ⁤hiking,‌ bike trails, fishing, and camping.

Kose-Uuemõisa Manors⁣

The Kose-Uuemõisa Manors are two historic manors ⁢located in the ‍Eastern ⁣region of Estonia. Both manors ‍were constructed in the late 18th century and were originally owned by the same family. Today, ⁣visitors can⁢ explore both manors and learn about their history. If you’re a fan of Estonian history, this is definitely worth a⁣ visit.

⁤Narva Castle

The impressive Narva Castle is located right on the banks of the Narva ‌River. It is⁤ one of the oldest‍ castles in Estonia, and it has a ⁣long and fascinating⁢ history. The‍ castle⁣ is open​ to visitors and there are a number of guided tours available, making it a great option for those⁤ who want to ‌learn more about Estonia’s past.

Lake Peipus

If you’re looking for some stunning views, ⁣head to the Lake Peipus. This vast lake is the largest lake in Estonia and it is situated on the⁣ border​ between Estonia and ⁣Russia. On a clear⁣ day, the views of the lake from the surrounding hills are breathtaking. There are⁢ also a number of activities ⁤available, such as‍ boating, fishing, and bird watching.

From ‍castles to national parks, and‌ from manors ⁤to lakes, the Eastern region of‌ Estonia has a wide range of attractions for visitors to explore. ⁤Whether you’re looking for some outdoor adventures or a bit of cultural⁢ history, there is something to suit everyone in this beautiful part​ of the ‍country.

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