The Historic Highlights of Havana

Havana is a one-of-a-kind city that has undoubtedly earned‍ its place among the best places for history ‌buffs. ‍Throughout the‌ centuries, this eclectic city has seen nations ⁤come‌ and go, leaving their mark⁤ on the city streets, culture,⁤ and people. In this article, ⁢we’ll take a look at the historic highlights ⁤of Havana, including ⁤landmarks, architecture, and cultural influences that have made ⁤the city what it is today.

The Old Havana

One of the most striking features of‌ Havana is ⁤its old part ​of ⁤town, or Old Havana. Here, visitors will find cobblestone alleys and narrow streets⁣ that transport them to a bygone era. Old Havana has been declared‍ a UNESCO World Heritage Site⁣ and has become the renowned​ cultural center⁤ for all ‍things Havana. The streets​ in Old‍ Havana are lined with​ centuries-old homes and building ⁢that have been recreated and restored to their ⁣former glory.

Visitors stroll ⁣down⁤ the cobblestone streets and immerse themselves ⁣in the busy and vibrant atmosphere. ​In Old Havana,​ there is something ⁢for everyone – from art⁣ galleries and museums to cafes ​and colorful restaurants, to music in the ‍streets. This⁣ lively and‌ unique⁣ atmosphere, alongside the charm and⁢ historical architecture,⁢ is what makes Cuba​ a must-see destination.

The Colonial Elegance⁤ of the‌ Catedral de‍ La Habana

The Catedral de La Habana, ⁢or the Cathedral ⁤of Havana, is a colonial-style cathedral⁢ in the heart of the old city. The Cathedral is a‌ symbol of Havana’s colonial history, constructed using‍ Baroque and Neo-Classical‌ styles. Visitors marvel at‍ the stunning facade and ‍detailed interior, capturing the​ rich history and culture of⁢ the city.

Declared a World Heritage Site, ⁤the Cathedral is home to a variety⁢ of ⁣interesting attractions, including‍ a ⁣small museum with religious ⁣artifacts and an awe-inspiring Altar de los Reyes made from pure silver and gold.

The ‌Fascinating Architecture of Habana Vieja

The‌ Architecture of Habana Vieja,​ or Old Havana, ⁢is highly varied and is representative ⁤of centuries of ‍different influences. Spanning several eras of architectural⁢ styles, including Baroque and Neoclassic, and combining both 18th and 19th-century​ design, the streets⁤ of Habana Vieja are a ⁤treat for ⁢those with an ⁤eye for the historic.

The Plaza de Armas is‍ the most famous historic square ​in Havana and is a great place to⁢ soak up the atmosphere of the​ old city streets. The plaza was ​built ⁣in the 16th century and is surrounded by buildings in a⁤ variety⁤ of styles. Highlights include the grand ​Palacio de‌ los Capitanes Generales, a Baroque palace built in 1764,​ and the beautiful neoclassical Museo de Artes Decorativas.

The Beat of ​Salsa in Habana

Salsa music is a Cuban tradition and a major influence on Cuban culture. With its energetic beats and rhythms, salsa​ has become a favorite all around the ⁣world. Cuban salsa is ‍thought to be the original form of salsa, gaining its unique style and sound from the combination of​ African and Spanish ​music and dance influences.

Havana is the ⁣spiritual ‍and cultural ⁤birthplace⁢ of salsa ​and⁢ offers visitors vibrant salsa​ bars and clubs.⁤ Whether you’re a​ local or a visiting‌ tourist, there’s no shortage of salsa music in​ Havana.

The Cuban Cuisine

Cuban cuisine is a delicious fusion of Africa, Spain and the Caribbean. Heavily influenced by‌ African and ⁣Caribbean ⁢culture, Cuban cuisine offers a diverse range of dishes that ‌often ​include seafood, ⁢pork and black beans.

Popular dishes ⁤include Congri, Ropa Vieja, and the much loved Cuban sandwich and of⁤ course, ​no meal ⁤in Cuba would be complete without the traditional cup of Cuban coffee.


With its lively atmosphere, stunning architecture, and unique culture, Havana is truly a one-of-a-kind city.‌ Every corner of the city⁣ presents ⁣something ⁤new to explore, from the cobbled streets of Old Havana to the vibrant salsa bars and cafes of Centro Habana. No matter what​ you’re looking for, Havana will surely not disappoint. The city’s rich‌ history and ‍culture has certainly earned it its place as‌ one ‍of the world’s​ most iconic cities.

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