Why Your Blog is Not Making Money – Real Facts?

I have spent more than 2 years in Blogging. During this period, I committed many mistakes and also learned to correct them so I know, What mistakes are normally committed by a new Blogger. I also receive lots of blogging-related Questions from Bloggers via EMail. Till now, I have answered most of their question by writing Posts like – what is the meaning of original content for bloggers? , What is Domain Authority? Why it is important for SEO? etc?

In the Last 2 weeks, I received more than 20 Emails from different kinds of Bloggers who asked me to review their blog. They were not making money from their blog. Most of them informed me that, their traffic was not so bad and their blog posts were also receiving lots of Comments and shares. However, They were still not able to make even $100/month. It was a bit strange for me so I decided to review their blogs.

After reviewing their Blogs, I noticed that they were making lots of mistakes.  I will discuss all the reasons in this post. It’s a misconception of bloggers that they will start making lots of money just for writing content. This method doesn’t work anymore due to the large number of Quality Blogs on the internet.

Top Reasons Why you are not Making Money from your Blog

Normally, Blogger fails to make money from their blog due to the below-given reasons:

1. You don’t know your Readers

If you don’t know the answers of below given questions below, It would be difficult for you to Earn money online:

  • Who are your readers?
  • What products do they like?
  • What kind of content do they like?
  • Which is the best time for them to read your content?

Income depends upon your Traffic. It means, If you have huge traffic, You will earn more money and vice-versa. Have a look at Pro-Bloggers. They are successful because they know the taste of their visitors. Their articles are liked by their visitors because they know, What their visitors actually like. Let’s consider a simple example- You are an owner of a blog whose visitors are those people, Who like stuff related to SEO because you also write articles on SEO. The next day, You decided to write a quality article on a Mobile device. What will happen? You won’t get any benefit(I guess). What do you say?

The same is the case with Products. You can only earn affiliate commission for selling or referring products, which are useful for your readers. If you don’t know your readers, affiliate marketing will also fail to work for you.

The majority of people read your articles in their Free time so you must try to know about this period. To get maximum user engagement, You must Publish your content during this period.

2. You Never Make Plans

To get success in any kind of business, You must make proper plans. Most of the bloggers fail because they never make plans. Promotion and Branding should be in the first place of your plans.

Make a step-by-step Goal for yourself and try to achieve it.

3. You never Considered your blog a Business

Most of the blogger fails because they don’t take blogging seriously. If blogging is fun for you, stop thinking about earning money. Pro-bloggers are earning huge amounts of money because they consider their blog as their Business. They invested Money and Time.

If you want to earn money from your blog, Consider it as your business and start taking it seriously right from today. In real life, You do everything to bring your business to the Top which includes- Advertising, Promotion, Investment, etc. Follow the same tactics for your blog as well.

4. You never use Affiliate Marketing

One of the major misconceptions of a new blogger is that they can only make money by using Ads on their Blog. This is probably the reason why, Most of these bloggers do everything to get the approval of Ad networks like Google Adsense or Yahoo Bing Contextual Ad Program. Many of them even invest money to purchase an Adsense account as well.

They do so because they don’t know about affiliate marketing, Which is much better than Adsense or any other Ad networks. First of all, Try to provide complete information to a user about any specific product which can be useful for them. At the end, Use your affiliate link. Whenever They will purchase that product, You will get your share. That’s easy. Isn’t it?

5. You only believe in Ad Networks like Adsense

I don’t know about others but I don’t rely much on Adsense or any other Google Adsense Alternatives. I hate Google Adsense because They can disable your account anytime. I have seen so many bloggers losing even $1000 due to this. Other Adsense alternatives don’t pay much. It means, If you don’t have a large number of traffic from countries like the US, UK, Canada, Russia, etc, You will never earn $1000/month.

So many bloggers including me recommend other bloggers to offer their service. Believe me,  If you are really good in your field, You will be able to earn 10 times better than Adsense or any other ad networks. I earn more by offering my services like – SEO, Joomla to WordPress Migration, Web designing, etc rather than Adsense.

6. You don’t want to Invest Money

If you are not investing money for the betterment of your blog, You will either fail or will have to wait to see everything happening according to your expectations. 99% of successful bloggers are successful because they invest money in different products and services, That seem useful to them. In the above step, I asked you to consider your blog as your business. Just answer my simple question- “Have you seen any successful businessman, Who hasn’t invested even a single penny in his business?”. I think, Your answer will be “No”.

So start investing money at least in the following:

  1. Design and Loading time of your blog
  2. SEO(If you don’t know).
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing

7. You always look for “Free Stuff”

“Free” is a word that brings excitement among New bloggers. If a particular product is “Free”, they will try that particular stuff without worrying about its benefit or disadvantage. If you want to earn money like a pro blogger, stop thinking about “Free Stuff” and start thinking about “Premium stuff” because Paid products come with lots of features and functionalities.

In the above step, I asked you to give your services. If you are not good at it, Invest money in being a specialist in any particular field. If you can’t join any institute, Join a Webinar or Hangouts.

8. Your Rates are More than Enough for Customers

In the above step, I asked you to “Sell your product” or “Service” to make money from your blog. It would be interesting for you to know that Some bloggers are offering their services or product on their blogs but still they are not able to make money from their blogs. The reason can be:

  1. High Rates: Now users are too smart and they have lots of choices on the internet. If they feel that, Your charges are too much for them, They will look for another one. For this reason, Never ask too much for your service or product.
  2. Poor Quality- Sometimes, People don’t consult you because they feel that, You are not the right person for them because you provide poor service or product.
  3. Your Reputation is not Good: Nowadays, Reputation also matters. Before investing money, People check your Reputation. If it’s Good, You will do better.

9. You Never write Sponsored Post or Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored Posts and Sponsored reviews are one of the best ways of making money from your blog. In both of these cases, Advertisers pay you for writing content. However, They expect better content from your side. If you are a new blogger, Advertisers will not contact you right from the first day. To attract them, Write some quality reviews of products yourself for free. If you manage to write 10-15 quality reviews on your site, You will start getting offers from advertisers. However, If your technological knowledge or English is not good, You will not get many offers. Some of the websites that pay you for writing reviews are listed below:

  1. PayPerPost
  2. ReviewMe
  3. Payu2Blog
  4. SocialSpark

10. You don’t know about Content Marketing

No business can succeed without Promotion. The same is the case with blogging as well. Most of the new blogger underestimates the importance of content marketing. This leads to their failure. Ask any problogger about “Content Marketing“, they will ask you to utilize at least 70% of your time in Marketing your content. It means, Giving 30% of your time to writing your content and the rest of your time to Marketing them.

It is quite logical as well because You can’t get success If no one will read your content or articles.

From the Editor’s Desk

That’s all from my side. I tried my best to figure out all the mistakes, That are often committed by new bloggers. If you have an old blog but you are still not able to make money from it, Check the above-mentioned reasons. If it is one of them, Work on it and fix it.

If you have already fixed all of the above-mentioned issues but still not making money from your, Ask me to review your blog. I will tell you the reason for your failure. If you have any other suggestions, Let me know.

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